It is righteously said that “charity should begin from home” and we preach that principle. As a prestigious organization UIFMS, that is running from years we have established an supportive organization for charity and the weblink of the organization is

We are providing you a noble provision to donate a part of your earnings to the charity organization, by taking our services. We will ensure that 10% of the cost of the service that you have taken from our organization will be given back to poor and needy in our social organization. By taking our service, you will not only be satisfied, but you will be blessed for your noble charity. Please do not think that you have to pay any additional amount for this cause, but the charity amount will be 10% deduction from the cost you are paying us.

UIFMS organization has been started with zeal to do the human service to the society, from which we gained a lot. We at UIFMS believe that every act of help will help the needy to live happy. At our organization, we sowed the values of love, respect, care and compassion for poor and needy. God has given us a beautiful life and we can thank God by doing the charity and caring for elders and underprivileged. Our acts of charity have been acknowledged by several organizations and they have joined hands with us to achieve the task of humanity in a better way.

We have many programs in the organization like helping several poor kids with food, quality education and we do empower the youth with employment solutions. We have provided shelter to several old age widows who have lost their last hope on life. Our organization has many volunteers who go handy for all the needs of poor.

We will be privileged if more hands join us ahead on our journey to become better humans by serving the society.

UIFMS is not only a service provider in different segments. And your business contributions will be helpfull for the needy people with your given great business support.



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