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     functioning on the lines of defence services.

      our operation teem consiting with around 10 members works continuosly round the clock to meet the requirement of the clients at any given point of time.

      we provide quality based unoforms complete from headgear to footwear for out security personnel.

      during winter and monsoons seasom we provide the required clothing to secutity personnel.

      we train our secutity team in all aspects such as, Firefighting, first aid,safety and security, personal discopline, communication, documentation, etc

      staff will be not be changed from the unit until any discrepancies by the client or in case of lack of doscipline with security person individually.

      Take full responsibility in respect of compliance of statutory liabilities and keep clients free from other burdens.

      Provide additional manpower at short notice to meet immediate exigencies of the clients.

      Regular visits by operational team at client premises and night patrolling will be carried out at least 5-6 times per month or more of demanded by the client.

      Exrending security services, comparatively as per govt wages, keeping in view of minimum wages as per govt.act.

      We assure you best services with a hope to serve for your esteemed establishment for a long run without any complaints.

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