kitchen stewarding Solutions

kitchen stewarding Solutions

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  Work Tables, Cooking Range.

 Hoods and A/C Filters.

  Cleaning of Kitchen Tiles, Dish wash, Pot Wash Floor and Drain.

 Garbage Room, Gas Bank, Wet Garbage, Dry Garbage and Kst Stores.

 General Cleaning (water cooler, cutlery, crockery, Glass ware, glass and utensils)

 Repairs of Burners and other Kitchen Equipment.

 Cleaning of Cold Room, Deep Freezers, and Electronic Equipment.

 Requirement  of Kst (Idents)

 Inventory Weekly, Monthly.

 Kalai for the Kitchen Utensils.

 Cafeteria Cleaning , Breakfast, Tea, Dinner and midnight Tea.


 Remove garbage & separate trash and place in designated areas.

 Remove all general waste daily.

 Empty metal containers and dustbins daily as frequently as necessary.

 Leave no fefuge garbage or waste in the public area or anywhere in the premises.

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