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  •  Cleaning of interiors as well as exterior of the hospitals.
  •  Cleaning and preparation of the discharged patient rooms, regular Cleaning and up keep of the clean rooms, I. C. U., wards, departments, offices, all utility areas, common areas, occupied rooms including bed making, Cleaning and up-keeping bathrooms and toilets including placements of disinfections, room fresheners and replacement of curtains.
  •  Collection of segregated dirty linen an of the same from various departments.
  •  Distribution of Cleaning linen and keeping an account of the same.
  •  Collection of segregated hospital waste an of the same including the biomedical waste to Central collection point.
  • Spring Cleaning of various departments at specified intervals.
  • Fumigation of rooms, departments under the supervision of hospital staff.
  • Ensuring all the hand wash areas are maintained with soap solutions and tissues at all hours.
  • Continuous supervision, spot-checking and ensuring performance of  all Housekeeping operatives.
  • Helping the nursing staff with transportation  of patients in various departments or wards.
  • Providing barber for 24 hours to the hospitals.
  • Provision and clearance of bedpans, urine pots, sputum mugs to patients.
  • Assisting in packing and transportation of dead bodies to the vehicle.
  • To impart training ti the operatives and evaluate work performance of the operatives.

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